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How to use Facetime On PC

Facetime it is an application developed by apple and it’s title describes the time used in video chatting and video calling. Introduced in 2010 June it could work only on iOS4 or iPhone 4, but later it can be used on iPad 2 and Mac. Facetime app is compatible mostly with apple devices with forward-facing camera (iPhone, iPad, Mac computer and Macbook). To start Facetime For PC between two Apple devices, in both devices app must be installed in to take video chatting and calling.Facetime canâDt be used on Windows, because Apple never launched official release.But there are wide range of alternatives for Windows such as Skype,Yahoo messenger, iMovicha,Google Talk,Facebook,Tango,Google hang-outs.


  • Skype: is first by popularity and voice-over IP released in August 2003 by Microsoft Skype Division.ln 2010 it had over 660 millions users and let them communicate on video calling and messaging. Also Skype can be used on mobile and Wi-Fi networks.Free is just limited uses (more functions costs money). 
  • Yahoo messenger: another one instant messaging video calling client released by Yahoo in 1998 (as Yahoo Pager) This program is downloadable for free with generic ,,Yahoo ID” which alows access and to other Yahoo sevices like ,,Yahoo Mail” and can be supported by PC, mobile phones, tablets and iPads.To work both devices must have the app installed. 
  • iMovicha: Application that allows client to make with Internet protocole voice and video calls.Supports video,audio calling,video conferencing and instant messaging with different operating systems in mobile devices like Windows, Android. 
  • Os X: Apple operation system firstly released in 2001 .With itâLls peer-to-peer technology which has no limits and it strenghtens user experiences. 
  • Tango: Application for phone and video calling which supports Windows Mobile, and Android operating systems with Wi-Fi or cancellated network (3G and 4G).Application has the special ability to show everything in full sreen during the video calls. Also it has instant messaging and video calling services between devices that have installed application.Characterized as one of the simplest apps and has over 130 million of registered users. 
  • Google Talk: Developed and released in 2005 by Google for instant messaging and chat service.Google Talk is integrated with Google Mail but it can be available without it.Google Talk also has video chat ability which was later substituted by Google Hangout (better known as Google +) 
  • Google Hangout: is a video chat service in Google + social network that enable group (up to 10 people) and single chats at any time through app or Google + website Focused) more on face-to-face interaction (it differs from Skype and Facebook by this ability). 
  • Facebook video chat: Anounced in 2011 and is a free service provided by Skype, allows one-on-one calling with each other using Skype Rest API. One of the customers must have a Skype to use this chat. In comparison to Facetime these alternatives have similar functions and work in the same way so there is not a big tragedy to be without Apple and is Facetime. 

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